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Specialists in accounting and tax advisory services

We are specialists in the preparation of individual, 457 visa holders, partnership, company, trust and self-managed super fund tax returns. We offer a wide range of accounting and tax advisory services, including:

  • Advice regarding the timing of tax payments
  • Advice on appropriate business and taxation structures
  • Assistance with tax issues including payroll tax, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), land tax, stamp duty and Workers’ Compensation
  • Advice regarding capital gains tax
  • Ensuring clients’ compliance requirements are maintained; including compliance with the GST legislation and registrations

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Tax Tips For 2018

  • Claim the Medicare tax rebate: If you got a credit for medical expenses in last year’s tax return, you’ll likely be able to claim the offset of up to 20 percent this year (depending on your income).
  • Get some of your private health costs back: If you have private health insurance, you may be eligible for a rebate, depending on whether you pass the income test (less than $140,001 for singles and $281,001 for families). Most people tend to take the rebate as a reduction in the premium they pay to their insurer, the ATO says, but you can also claim it as a refund.
  • Salary sacrifice to super: If you haven’t hit your annual super contribution cap ($30,000 for under 50s and $35,000 for 50 and above), you may want to salary sacrifice to build up your retirement savings. Contributions are taxed at 15 percent.
  • Pre-pay income protection insurance: As with investment loans for properties or shares, you can reduce your tax by pre-paying your income protection premiums a year ahead.
  • Claim your home office expenses: If you work from home, the ATO allows you to claim a deduction for your computer’s depreciating value and internet access. But be warned, it has to be a legitimate business. You have to prove one of the following to the ATO: income over $20,000, profit in at least three of the last five years, own land worth more than $500,000 or other assets of over $100,000.
  • Consider subscriptions: Many taxpayers forget that the cost of subscribing to trade journals in fields related to their work is fully deductible.
  • Donate: Any contribution you make to charity or a private ancillary fund above $2 is tax deductible. You can set up a private ancillary fund through a trust and then apply to the ATO to be endorsed as a deductible gift recipient.
  • Claim vehicle expenses: Do you use your car for a work purpose beyond travelling to and from your place of business? If so, you can deduct the cost provided you have a log book.
  • Clawback uniform maintenance: If your work requires you wear a uniform, you can deduct the cost of dry-cleaning.
  • Recoup some of your union fees: If you’re part of a recognised industry union, you can deduct the cost from your taxable income.

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