Cryptocurrency audits tipped to increase this EOFY

Audit activities around cryptocurrency are set to spike this tax time as part of the ATO’s broader risk analysis in its black economy crackdown, says one mid-tier.

Passive investment companies tax rate still 30%

          The reduce company tax rate of 27.5% in 2018 will be denied for companies with predominantly passive income. Under the changes, companies will qualify for the lower tax rate only if: their passive income is less than 80% of their assessable income for the year   they “carry on a […]

Time to check your risk exposure?

For equity investors, 2017 was an epic year. And it came on the heels of an historic bull market in global stocks stretching back to the spring of 2009.

Some general interest stats on SMSFs

Mixed phase SMSFs holding greatest assets

Preparing for tax time…now!

By Jane Kemsley, Director, Pembertown Tax planning is often viewed in a contradictory way – a last minute dash to arrange reduction of the year’s tax bill or maximise the refund. Why not take the opportunity to do something different this time… like start planning now! Two of the simpler ways of managing tax deferring […]

Check trust deed to protect super in estate planning

For many people, their superannuation is their biggest asset when they retire – and often when they die as well.

$2.4m lost to tax scams, ACCC reports

Almost $2.4 million worth of scams was reported to the Tax Office in 2017, according to new statistics from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

No GST on digital currency

The GST Act is being amended to ensure that digital currency, such as Bitcoin, is disregarded for GST purposes unless the supply is made in exchange for a payment of money or digital currency.

Federal Budget 2018 – Overview

          The Australian economy in its 27th year of consecutive growth. Business conditions are at the highest level since the global financial crisis. 1,000 jobs a day on average over the past year. Global growth at fastest pace in six years. The budget focuses on 5 main areas: Tax relief to […]

Your Budget

          How the 2018 budget applies to you can be found via the following links.   Individuals Families Business   Australian Federal Government

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